Okmulgee County Criminal Justice Authority



PREA The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 was enacted by Congress to address the problem of sexual abuse of persons in the custody of U.S. Confinement Facilities. Okmulgee County Criminal Justice Authority has a zero-tolerance policy for incidence of inmate/detainee sexual abuse and sexual harassment. This applies to both inmate-on-inmate sexual abuse and staff sexual misconduct. Alert a member of the jail’s staff immediately if you feel you have been sexually assaulted during incarceration. They will contact the appropriate person to conduct the investigation. You may also fill out an “Inmate Request to Staff”, grievance or PREA report. Your privacy will be protected to the fullest extent during any investigation. Then National PREA hotline is available free of charge on each inmate phone. If you feel you are at risk for imminent sexual abuse, you may utilize the Sexual Abuse Hotline on any inmate telephone. We want you to feel and be safe while at the facility. If you make a report and feel you are being retaliated against for making the report, tell a staff member or follow the Grievance procedures. Retaliation WILL NOT be tolerated. All reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment will be investigated. If you are assaulted, DO NOT change your clothes, brush your teeth, shower, wash your hands, or use the restroom (if possible). You may destroy important evidence.



CIDNET creates an ecosystem of integrated applications to manage inmate communication. Any correctional facility, big or small, can be accommodated by CIDNET. Video visitation, digital inmate mail, electronic forms/commissary orders, digital media and signage TVs are all accessible from a single interface, the CIDNET Smart Jail Ecosystem.

Why we have vacancy.


The Okmulgee County Criminal Justice Authority works to alleviate overcrowding. One way to accomplish this task is working with other organizations to reduce recidivism and assist those currently in custody to obtain services they need after release. The OCCJA is proud to say there is vacancy at our facilities through community outreach, in working with these organizations.

Family and Children Services of Oklahoma
Okmulgee County Consortium
National Center for Wellness and Recovery
Amy's Kids of Okmulgee and Okfuskee Counties
Children First Program